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It's A Shmoe Life


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It is with a concerned mind, I come to you tonight.  You see, something strange has happened here in my town of Dumas.  Something very bizarre.  This is nothing to do with the family, this has to do with others.  Here, read the story I found on a local news site.

Trouble in Bluewater??
As the local townpeople met at the Tinker Residence, something went afowl.  No eyewitnesses have come forward to provide much details about the meeting.  Almost all who attended the meeting, have met their untimely death.  You see it was the time of the year to pick out "Yard of the Month" when a strange fire broke out at the residence.  Was it caused by arson?  No one knows.  What happened to the fire alarm that Wanda Tinker picked out from the hardware store?  How did it vanish?  See the below pictures captured by a nearby passerby, who is remaining nameless, but has been cleared of the crime. 


The police have noticed a pink package that appeared on the front porch before the fire.  Who dropped off the package?  Why hasn't that person spoken to authorities?  What did that person see? 

The man seen here is Checo Ramirez, he somehow survived the fire.  He ranted about a large blue rabbit that only he could see.  Soon after this picture was taken by detectives, Mr. Ramirez passed away on the sidewalk where he is seen about.  The girls seen here have also vanished, but are believed to have disappeared in with regular citizens of Dumas. 

You think this is bad?  There were two other survivers of the fire.  They are Malcolm Landgrab and Ms. Delarosa, the local florist. 

Calming each other's fears about what they saw, they went to eat supper together.  When the worst possible thing occured, a fire broke out here in Mr. Landgrab's state of the art kitchen.   

Sadly, both perished in the kitchen.  Any witnesses, please come forward to tell the police what you saw.  PLEASE before this happens to YOU!!

If this would not be enough for you, here is another article from another later day.  My girls want to go to this college!  Will they be safe?  How can I protect them there? 

Trouble at the local University?
Recognize these young adults?  Information is being sought in the identification of any young adults pictured above.  They went off to the Local University to check everything out.  All was fine and dandy at first. 
Suspect #1 and #2 are being sought for questioning.  They somehow survived the house of horrors, but disappeared into the regular citizens of the college land.  Any sighting of them, please waste no time and contact the police with the details. 

Cameras found on the ground nearby the house showed an awful tale of broken promises.  They two look like they were outside nicely daydreaming....

The next picture on the roll shows a satelite where the sim was laying down.  What would make someone force another to die in this fashion?

Another picture on the roll shows an actual point of impact hit on another person.  What is going on?  Authorities are puzzled.

Was this a house of drugs?  Why are these two just starving to death when you can see the refrigerator in the background?  Why wouldn't they just go get some Jello??

Was alcohol a factor at this house?  Tests have come back but that can not be determined. 

Sadly, all who shown in this room, are no longer amoung the living. 

They have been seen since their death, scaring other innocents into joining them in the afterlife.  Please please please stay away from 9922 Death Row until authorities figure out what is causing these mysterious deaths.

The only note found on the house is shown here.  What does this mean???

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