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It's A Shmoe Life

A Shmoe by any other name

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A Shmoe by any other name

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Just a picture of my growing family.  Daisy & I with our daughters Pansy & Lilly.  Being a Shmoe in this town is good thing.  Let me show you why. 

I must be a celebrity or something in this town.  People are always wanting to meet me and are more than willing to do as I ask.  So I must be important.

See how this guy went and started an fight with the friendly bartender?  Why would he do that?  Because I am a Shmoe and I asked him to! 

An others are willing to attack the same bartender for the no reason at all!  Oh the power I hold!  I wonder what other powers I have?

These locals almost jumped through their skins to sit at this table with me.  Why?  Because I am a SHMOE! 

To future test this ability, Daisy joined me out one night.  She didn't believe me and called me crazy when I told her of this power.  So when she met this Count guy she tried it out.  

Sure enough, he went right to this Long fellow and bite his neck!  Why would he do it?  Because Daisy is a Shmoe!

Pansy sure took the PC quickly.  She already has friends, but they don't email much.  I tried to explain net safety, but she doesn't take it too seriously yet.  We have decided to get her into a nice school since Shmoe's should get the best education.  Why?  Because she is a Shmoe, that's why. 

A fully rounded education includes the outdoors.  Hopefully she will get the nice badge I have.  She deserves it, if only because she is a Shmoe.

Of course Pansy is now in private school.  Did you really think the school would turn us down?  Oh no, we are the Shmoe family and we deserve it. 

Daisy spends her free time learning a new career path.  She loves to cut hair and has given quite a few hair cuts out.  

Granted, some of her clients just end up staying around too long.  Between fishing with Pansy or befriending Lilly, they are here for hours on end.  We tend to forget to feed them, but that's just fine.  They don't blame us, they are honored to be at the Shmoe house! 

Now granted, this Keth woman was here again today.  When offered a hair cut, she wasn't willing at all.  Maybe we should show her those blinking items on her head and she will accept next time.

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